and I'm a fully trained professional photographer based in London, where I've lived for over 20 years (I'm originally from Sweden). I live in southeast London and work a lot in my neighbourhood and surrounding areas - Greenwich, Blackheath, Lewisham, Hither Green, Brockley, Dulwich and East Dulwich,  and from my studio in Woolwich, but I do work all over the city and for weddings I also travel the country and abroad.


I was given my first camera when I was 8 years old, and since then I have been taking pictures. With a background in the arts, and always having been a keen photographer, I started photographing weddings in 2010. In 2012 I commenced postgraduate studies in photography and following the completion of the MA I continued with two years of Commercial Photography studies. I am thus a fully qualified photographer, with extended knowledge and experience of working in the industry, using both natural light and advances studio lighting, as well as image editing and printing.


I love to photograph people, which translate well for photographing weddings as well as children and families. I always try to capture moments as they happen, ensuring natural, non-staged photos, with a slight documentary feel and using mainly natural light.






To photograph a wedding invites you into the inner circle of a very intimate, important and joyful day. I take this responsibility seriously, and do my very best to make the bride and groom feel relaxed and as unaware of my presence as possible. I shoot the majority of the day in a documentary style, which is less disruptive for the bridal party, and results in natural, beautiful photos which tells the story of the day. I try to capture the day as it unfolds and how I see it through my camera. In addition to the bride and groom, I also focus on the location, guests, decorations and flowers, trying to make sure the atmosphere is caught on camera. No matter what I shoot, a wedding or kids, I try to ensure it's a calm experience, not forcing poses or setups but allowing the photos to happen naturally. 


For weddings, I tend to be there the entire day, from the getting-ready sessions in the morning until the party is in full swing at night. However, custom designed packages can be arranged and I can of course turn up for a portrait session only.

Having photographed many weddings over the years, I have experience and know-how and can adapt to any situation that might arise. I have also learnt that no wedding is the same and they have to be treated as individual projects, in order to ensure beautiful and personal photographs. I plan how I will work closely with the couple and I'm more than happy to give advice as well as following already staked out plans. 

All weddings I do are priced individually depending on factors such as location, size, type of coverage needed. Many weddings I photograph are priced in the region of £1600 but it does vary so please contact me for an estimate!





When it comes to photographing children, I like to keep it simple and very natural. To me, what's important is to capture the child a he or she is, and I don’t think props, fancy outfits and stiff poses work particularly well. I generally shoot outside in a park/garden or in the home of the child which helps ensure a relaxed atmosphere.  I try to get as many varied shots as possible - portraits and also playing! 


I do like to use the local environment as a backdrop, London parks are amazing and can be used in many different ways - they can look like never-ending fields or a forest and there's usually a good wall for a more plain and neutral backdrop for closer portraits. 

I have the same approach to baby photography as with older kids - relaxed and natural! The only prop I might use is a blanket. Siblings are always welcome to join in of course. 


When I work in a studio with kids I want to steer away from 'school photos' but instead shoot a beautiful portrait of the child. I find that smiling isn’t always necessary but a calm, relaxed expression usually works well. I also offer creative studio portrait sessions with handmade fresh floral backdrops. 








  • MA (Digital Photography), London

  • Degree in Commercial Photography, Stockholm 

  • BA (Hons) Arts Management, London